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Sheriff Skid Plates!

For protection of the most important components located in the engine bay and under carriage of your vehicle.

Sheriff Skid Plates

A skid plate is a metal construction that protects engine bay mechanisms from damage, dust and mud.  These products are designed in close cooperation with car manufacturer engineers and approved by them.


Product Characteristics

  • Steel / Aluminium
  • High corrosion resistance (840 hrs SST)
  • Easy installation
  • Service and ventilation apertures
  • Rubber shock absorbers
  • Powder coating
  • Mounting on regular apertures
  • Salt Spray Test


10 reasons to mount a SHERIFF skid plate on your vehicle

  • Freedom of travel – SHERIFF skid plates make it easy to travel freely, take care of your car and save money.
  • Protection from mechanical deformation – SHERIFF skid plates protect most important elements and components, located in the engine bay and under carriage of your vehicle.
  • Protection from dust – due to SHERIFF skid plate engine bay mechanisms and electrical wiring are protected from dust and mud
  • Aerodynamics – improving aerodynamic characteristics of your vehicle skid plate may have positive impact on your car’s fuel consumption
  • Heating control – SHERIFF skid plates have special ventilation openings for air inlet to secure stability of engine’s temperature level.
  • Corrosion resistance – SHERIFF skid plates are corrosion resistant.
  • Acoustic protection – in places of possible contact with vehicle’s bearing elements SHERIFF skid plates are provided with spacers of special rubber which prevent effectively any possible vibration or noise.
  • Serviceability – SHERIFF skid plates are provided with service openings so that oil filter can be easily replaced and oil drained.
  • Security of attachment – designing SHERIFF skid plates our engineers take into consideration individual features of a certain car, therefore only OE apertures in a vehicle’s body and high quality fastening are used for mounting of a skid plate; and the SHERIFF skid plates have optimal shape corresponding to a certain vehicle.
  • Products rigidity – usage of stamping technology and modern approach to bends designing enables to secure sufficient rigidity of SHERIFF skid plates.

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Important Facts

More than 2500 different skid plates are available for almost any vehicle!

All tests required by manufacturers have been successfully passed giving you peace of mind!


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